On 8/19/06, De Soca <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have tried adding a WizardStep conditionally at runtime a few
> different ways with limited success.
> Can someone recommend the best approach to accomplish this?

Did you see UserRolesStep in the NewUserWizard example? That's a
conditional step;
wicket.extensions.wizard.WizardModel.ICondition#evaluate() does the

                 * @see 
                public boolean evaluate()
                        return assignRoles;

So if assignRoles was set to true due to a model change by an earlier
step, this step will be available. If false, it will be skipped.

There are a couple more people that have been working with this
component (Nick?). Maybe they wanna share their thoughts.

> I have based my approach on the Wizard samples supplied, which is
> probably one of the best components I have found in any framework to
> assist with mundane CRUD operations.

Glad you like it. Unfortunately, it got a bit less elegant in 2.0.
Still workable, but the steps and actual Wicket components had to be
separated as you can't create components without a parent (upfront) in
2.0 anymore.


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