I have  to tell more about  this one.  Fixing this  would allow to
have  dynamic markup  generated  by Velocity.   Dynamic markup  is
something many  users would  like to  achieve easily,  without the
hassle of overriding newMarkupStream() and building XML using Java
code and string concatenations.

However  currently  VelocityPanel  is  not  able  to  process  the
resulting  markup  to  handle nested  components.   Basically  the
following patch  requests Wicket to  parse the markup  produced by
the Velocity template, thus allowing to design dynamic UI.

[ 1485704 ] Allow nested components in VelocityPanel

Please  come  back  to  me  if  you feel  that  there  is  a  more
appropriate way to bring such a change.

Thanks in advance,
     Jean-Baptiste Quenot
aka  John Banana Qwerty

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