But how would the bookmarkable page would know it is supposed to submit 
its form instead of rendering ?

Johan Compagner wrote:
> i would submit to a bookmarkable page yes.
> That would be the easiest thing to do.
> johan
> On 3/29/06, *Sven Meier* < [EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> 
> wrote:
>     How would you handle a submit of a form that originates from
>     outside of
>     Wicket?
>     Let me explain:
>     In many web applications some forms (e.g. 'search a product') are
>     replicated on other pages of the same application or even on other
>     sites
>     of business partners or advertisers.
>     For our actionframework-brethren this poses no problem, because an
>     action (e.g. a Struts action) can usally be initated with a form post.
>     But I don't have a clue how to do something similar in wicket. AFAIK a
>     form has to be rendered first, before being able to accept
>     incoming data
>     on the next request.
>     Does somebody have a suggestion for this, something like 'open a page
>     with a bookmarkable link and immediately submit its contained form
>     with
>     the transmitted parameters'?
>     Thanks
>     Sven
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