> The last remark is not clear to me, I have look into Wicket 2.0 sources.

The difference between 1.x and 2.x is that in 2 you can apply generics
to models and components. For example, you can now do this:

public MyComponent(MarkupContainer p, IModel<MyType> m)

forcing on clients that a model is passed in that returns an object 'MyType'.

In 1.x, you could only do

public MyComponent(MarkupContainer p, IModel m)

which neither forces proper use nor is very readable. So often, if you
need component dependencies to be strong typed, what you would do in
1.x is:

public MyComponent(MarkupContainer p, MyType o)

Working with generics like we now support in 2 has all the flexibility
of working with IModels, but with the additional advantage of strong


* btw, that first argument p is only needed for 2.0, but I kept in in
the example so that it wouldn't distract.

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