Hello all.  I'm coming from a Tapestry background, and I'm trying to
determine some similarities/differences between the two frameworks.  I think
I have my head around the basic application/page flow, but I have a question
regarding how I should plan to intergrate a dynamic download provider.

Example: A report generator which generates a pdf on the fly based upon
database records that were selected from a Wicket page.  How would I go
about constructing this?  Obviously I could just have a servlet and
construct the entire URL manually and link to it that way, but that isn't
very OO, and is not very elegant.  Tapestry has "services" which you can
instantiate and assign member variables to directly in you page's event
handler.  Is there an analagous feature in Wicket?  Or would you just
override some base page, even though it wouldn't be returning markup?

Thoughts on this are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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