On 23.8.2006, at 13.22, Janne Hietamäki wrote:

> On 23.8.2006, at 13.15, Steen Larsen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have been trying out the portlet support in wicket, and have the
>> problem that when I press a button or link it seems like the
>> default "action" is called so that I never sees anything else than
>> the first page. I have tried the portlet example from subversion,
>> and a portlet adapted version of the Navomatic example, both on
>> Jetspeed 2 and BEA Portal, and get the above mentioned behaviour in
>> both portals. Does any one have any experience with this, and maybe
>> a reason why this is happening ?
> Hi,
> Which version of wicket are you using? The portlet support is still
> highly experimental, and there has been great improvements since
> wicket 1.2.1 was relased, so the best choice is the current version
> from the 1.2 branch. Portlet support has not been tested with BEA
> Portal, but several people has been running it successully with
> Jetspeed2.
> Can you send me your navomatic sources, so I can make sure it is
> working correctly.
> I'm currently working with the unit tests of the wicket portlet  
> support.

Ok, fixed the problem and committed into svn. Navomatic created  
bookmarkable links, and they were not supported in the portlet.


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