I am using a special IFeedbackMessageFilter to basically scope feedback messages to a particular component and all of it's children.  The problem I am having (and this problem has existed for quite awhile, I just haven't had the time to look into it all that much) is that in some circumstances the children that are creating the feedback messages cannot resolve the parent that the actual feedback panel is tied to.  IE:

    -> ListView
        -> ListItem
            -> Reporter (creates error message via error() call)

"Parent" is the component I assign to the FeedbackPanel to scope all of the displayed messages to the Parent itself and any of it's children via this:

    protected IFeedbackMessageFilter getFeedbackMessageFilter()
        return new IFeedbackMessageFilter()
            public boolean accept(FeedbackMessage feedbackMessage)
                return parent == feedbackMessage.getReporter() || parent.contains( feedbackMessage.getReporter(), true );

The problem is that the parent.contains( ... ) is failing.  I debugged the component tree by doing this in the debugger:


This returns a ListItem component in which the parent is null.  Meaning the reporter -> parent link is broken.  In what circumstances can a ListItem's (or any component for that matter ) parent be null?

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