I am currently trying to build some Wicket based Portlets. The sample 
portlet provided works great. Now I'm trying to convert the sample 
TabbedPanel application found in wicket.example.compref into a 

So far the tabbed page mechanism is working in my portlet, however, I 
can not see how to pick up the style sheets effects on the tabs within 
the portlet.

The html template page for the TabbedPanel WebApplication includes the 
following markup:

<link  rel="stylesheet"  type="text/css"  href="style.css"  />

As it is not permitted to include <head> information in the html 
template page for a portlet I can not see how I can associate style.css 
with my portlet html template page.

Can anyone explain how to apply stylesheets to Wicket portlets?

Thank you for your help,

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