This is also fixed in the svn.


On 25.8.2006, at 19.59, V. Jenks wrote:

> I'm taking my first crack at using some of the built-in Ajax stuff  
> in Wicket
> - pretty cool by the way!
> I'm using the AutoCompleteTextField to filter some data and it  
> works except
> that I'm getting a javascript error.  It doesn't seem to be  
> inhibiting any
> of the functionality but it looks bad, nonetheless.
> Nothing shows up in the WICKET AJAX DEBUG dialog other than what I  
> would
> have expected:
>  INFO: received ajax autocomplete response. 60201 characters.
>  INFO: elementId=filterForm_itemCodes-autocomplete
>  INFO: <ul><li textvalue="69907">69907</li><li
> textvalue="69908">69908</li><li textvalue="69909">69909</li><li
> textvalue="69910">69910</li><li........
> The error is "'cc' is undefined".
> I'll post the code for the page if it's needed but really all I did  
> was copy
> the code from the wicket-examples and change it to pull data  
> instead of a
> static list like the example uses.  The *only* place where I  
> strayed was I
> took the <wicket:extend> tag out that was wrapping the <form> tag  
> because,
> not only am I not familiar w/ it, I got as far as I did w/o  
> it...and it
> throws an error w/ it in there.  It mentions something about markup
> inheritence but I'm unfamiliar w/ that part of wicket  
> forgive my
> ignorance there.
> Hopefully this jumps out at someone?

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