I have a POJO that is the object for my WebPage's Model (let's call it
SystemState).  Some components need to interact with this object in a
non-trivial way in their onClick handlers.  Other components use
PropertyModel models to get at a specific part of the SystemState.

My whole application was working fine this way, until I started messing with
the back button.  Then it was clear that the versioning system was
serializing, saving, and restoring versions of SystemState, but that the
nestedObject fields of the PropertyModel objects that were using SystemState
were not being updated with the new SystemState in the version rollback

I could just make all of those components be versioned, but then each one
would have its own serialized copy of SystemState.  So my solution was to
reset the Model objects of all of my components in the main page's
onModelChanged method.  This seems to work fine, but it seems goofy.  Is
there a better way to do this?  (Or is it a bug that the nestedObject fields
don't get updated automatically during a rollback?)

Thanks - and I love Wicket so far!

--- Jim 
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