I’ve been pouring over the documentation last few days trying to figure out how to use dynamically created images in my application, with no luck.


Here’s a little background: The image is created by supplying a directory path, getWicketServlet().getServletContext().getRealPath(“/tmp”)  in this case, to the image creation method. The method then returns base file name of the newly created image (example: foo123.png).  I have verified that the images are being created in the supplied directory, but I’m not sure how or the preferred way of getting them in the application


I’ve tried adding the folder location to the getResourceSettings().addResourceFolder(path) and then passing the base name to the Image component. This seems like the ideal solution, but by looking at the error page it seems that the addResourceFolder() goes unnoticed and as the page only shows current class package directory (/com/something/foo123.png) as been searched for the image. I’ve also tried using a ResourceReference new Image(“img”, new ResourceReference(path+name)), but it never seems to find the right location of the image.


I am able to use the images by sub classing DynamicImageResource and reading a File object of the image to a byte[] in the getImageData() method, but that seems like overkill and clunky. There has to be a way to just specify a url or path in the Image component, doesn’t there? I’m clearly missing something.


Thank you very much for your help,





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