Session cookie expires when browser is shut down, but on the server side the default is 30 minutes. This can be altered in the web.xml by adding something like this:



On 28.8.2006, at 11.00, Nino Wael wrote:

That was what I thought, I do know that wicket is not the bad guy hereJ


Whats the default timeout on the cookie? Or am I barking up the wrong leg?


.regards Nino


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On 28.8.2006, at 10.53, Nino Wael wrote:



I was wondering how wicket maintains it’s session state. We are currently working on a crossbrowser application, where our application(wicket) lives within an Iframe. If we hit refresh on the page, wicket looses its session id. As far as I can see wicket does store the session id in a cookie?

Wicket has nothing to do with this, it uses normal servlet container for session management. Servlet spec states there have to be cookies and session id parameter for fallback. So, yes, the session id is stored in a cookie.


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