igor.vaynberg wrote:
> the best way, imho, to do the collapsable panels is to use borders in
> combination with setborderbodyvisible(). that way you can wrap any
> component
> or components into this collapsable border and not be limited to only
> wrapping a panel. the border will contain a header panel that will toggle
> the visibility of the body - and if you use ajaxfallbacklink for that it
> will work via ajax when available and fallback to regular page render when
> not.
> -Igor

Thanks for all of the suggestions, I am trying a Border with a RepeatingView
to handle the variable Panels.  This works, now for some icing.  My markup
for using the ContentPanel now looks like this (for two toggle sections).

<div wicket:id="togSection"><div wicket:id="sections"/></div>
<div wicket:id="togSection2"><div wicket:id="sections"/></div>

where "sections" is the RepeatingView.  This is basically how I want ALL
toggleSectionBorders to be, so I thought I would inject the "<div
wicket:id="sections"/>" into the markup somehow.  I just can't see an
obvious way to accomplish this.  I am just looking to create some clean
components for my team and if the "sections" piece was added automatically
it would definitely eliminate mistakes.

Any ideas?

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