Wicket behaviors is just a wrapper for so many _javascript_ stuffs. Meaning that you cant extend wicket behavior without been comfortable in _javascript_.

Sorry for the double post...i talked about this in one thread and felt like actually asking about the someday workability of this.

I see Wicket behaviors are mainly neat wrappers around _javascript_s meaning that yu cant extend or make new behaviors without being kind of comfortable with _javascript_. well many web developers are...so no need to make it an issue but

I would love some day to have something like GWT integration with wicket where you can even use java to develop a wide range of behaviors that will render on the client side as _javascript_.

//i am trying to think a little of what to expect maybe
//this will render as _javascript_ into the browser

@RenderType.Client(name="hello") //hello will be an invocation function name within the browser
public class HelloClient {
 public HelloClient(){
  JSCall.alert("Hello Client"); //this will use something like GWT compiler to translate to browser at deploy time.

and then in a Wicket Page

Label label = ....

label.add(new XXXEvent("onclick", new HelloClient()));


label.add(new AttributeModifier("onclick",true,"hello");

or something

maybe Wicket 3.0 :)

So what du the Wicket Dads think of this?

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