Dont know if you understand German, but here its more concrete:
(the numbers come from,,, )
Basically, you see the result of last 150 to 200k User Agents that accessed these sites, from wich about 15 to 25 % have JS completely disabled, 35 to 55% sometimes disabled....
and to the old browsers: yes, we have to support them, at least at a low level (e.g.: Fallback solutions is a have to) , as long as you want to do more than play with the web (e.g.: earn money) and JS has another problem: its a pain for handicapped people (e.g.: blind)
the web was made for anyone, not just some tecchies...

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if you havent noticed its 2006 and _javascript_ is as pervasive as html 
WRONG !!! - i know companies, that for example have JS disabled at ALL of their systems - we have 2006 and thinking JS is everywhere is same as thinking that no illness exists because you see no ill people on the streets.... 

this argument holds no water. i know of plenty of companies whose public facing and intranet sites depend on _javascript_ - so?

just check netcraft - and wonder why we still (!) have netscape 4 around or IE3 and IE4 - with their buggy JS implementation

doesnt mean we have to support those users does it? by the same argument we then cannot use css because those browsers dont support it, and can only use html 3. those browsers prob run on computers that have max resolution of 640x480 - is that how you design your websites?

have you also noticed for example that the German Government advises all users to deactivate _javascript_ because of Virus, Phising etc. ? - Same as many other governemnts do.... 

what does _javascript_ have to do with phishing? there was an article a long time ago on using xul to fake the firefox look and feel and replace the address bar with a look alike - does that mean we now have to stop using firefox?

btw: i myself prefer browsing with JS deactivated as i hate popups like many others i know....

thats your personal choice, personally i really like ajaxified gmail.

further the usecases for checkboxes like this usually entail a lot of data on the form like a tree - so yeah it might suck to have it submit every time 
 unsure if this is really realistic...

we havent heard the usecase - so how can you be unsure or sure? notice i said _usually_ in my sentence which made it a hypothetical.

not to mention form submits reset the page's scroll position most of the time, so if the user has to scroll to get to the checkbox it will get really annoying
use a anchor

anchors do not preserve the vertical scroll offset, browsers always put the anchors as close to the top as possible.


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