continueToOriginalDestination seems not to work as expected. If I have
1. A page SomePage
2. In Application.init
      mountBookmarkablePage("/somepage", SomePage.class
      MyAuthorization authorizationStrategy = new MyAuthorization();
Now, if I call http:...../somepage the following happens
1. The page SomepPage is to be instantiated
2. The MyAuthorization class calls
      throw new RestartResponseAtInterceptPageException(Login.class);
3. The Loginclass class (after successfull login)
4. The continueToOriginalDestination is not successfull (retruns false)
In former wicket versions it was possible the jump directly to a mounted page. 
Am I wron in doing what I do or did somethin change in Wicket 2.0 behind the 


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