I guess I might know what's causing it. It's not the header contribution 
code. It's the initialization code.

the thing is that prior 1.2.2 no javascript in the 
<component></component> was executed. When setting outerhtml in Internet 
explorer the javascript in the outer html is not executed. This is also 
true for opera.

In 1.2.2 there is a workaround so that the javascript is executed. This 
might cause the calendar initialized twice (or more) for same control. 
Which could cause the deadlock. So the solution might be to make the 
initializing javascript check whether it was already initialized for 
given component or not.

Other than this, I don't know what could be causing this behavior.


Iuly wrote:
> I've repoduced also this java script error in the following context : 
> Here is the ajax context and also component hierarchy involved. 
> So in my page I have a main container which extends Border component. I’ve
> set on this container 
> setOutputMarkupId(true). Let’s name this container A. 
> Panel(extends Panel component) that contains DatePicker component is child
> of A. 
> This child defines a form component that has 2 DatePicker components inside
> and associated inputs and also other inputs. Let’s name the child of border
> container B. 
> I’ve called also on form on B setOutputMarkupId(true). 
> First time when the page is rendered all inputs from B are disabled(using
> AttributeModifier) and both DatePicker components work properly. 
> I have also a AjaxSubmitButton that enables all the inputs from B. 
> Clicking on it inputs became enabled (I am using here AttributeModifier),
> but both 
> DatePicker components generate that java script error. 
> What I’m doing in onSubmit method of that AjaxSubmitButton is the following
> : 
> target.addComponent(A); 
> samyem wrote:
>> I keep getting this error on the Date Picker:
>> Error: too much recursion
>> Source File:
>> http://localhost:8081/mm/app/resources/wicket.extensions.markup.html.datepicker.DatePicker/calendar.js
>> Line: 1796
>> See my source code for the HTML generated in my browser:
>>  http://www.nabble.com/user-files/235808/problem.txt problem.txt 
>> I can see that the calendar.js is included several times, probably each
>> one for every time I ajax-refresh the panel with the date picker. Also,
>> there is a big mess generated in the HTML with tons of &amp;nbsp; . Is
>> this my fault or something wrong with wicket? I am using the latest wicket
>> from SVN.

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