I have done some work to locate the Spring application context in
another way. Both wicket-spring and wicket-spring-annot assume that the
application context can be obtained with

Luckily, it is easy to write my own IWebApplicationFactory which does
the appropriate lookup and I am still able to extend
SpringWebApplication. Nevertheless, this does not work because
SpringComponentInjector also hardcodes a lookup of the application
context using WebApplicationContextUtils.

The code is like this:      

public SpringComponentInjector(WebApplication webapp) {
                // locate spring's application context ...
                ServletContext sc =

                final ApplicationContext ctx = WebApplicationContextUtils


In other words, a redundancy. In my opinion, the code should be modified
as follows:

1. Add a new constructor which accepts the ApplicationContext as a
2. Remove the existing constructor with the WebApplication OR document
it to use the WebApplicationContextUtils
   for retrieving the application context

What do you think?


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