> Well, with the DefaultDataTable, it overrides DataTable's newRowItem()
> method in order to return an new OddEvenItem rather than a new Item.
> The OddEvenItem overrides on ComponentTag in order to add the "odd" or
> "even" class.  Could you, however, have overridden one of these
> yourself?
No, I don't override any mehtods, I just use the code as contained in 
wicket-examples 1.2.2 (just modified for the new wicket 2.0 constructor).

> In the Wicket 1.2 Examples I noticed that DefaultDataTable sets the
> odd/even attribute, and an external .CSS file interpreted the attribute
> to color the rows.  I don't believe DataTable comes with any such
> row-coloring rules built in.  So if you're using DefaultDataTable and
> not getting odd-even row colors, check your .CSS file.
No, it is not a css problem. The odd/even atttributes are missing in the 
generated html code.


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