I would be interested to hear about your experience in testing Wicket 
application, particularly using Ajax.

My experience, after one week trying several solutions, is not so good. 
I tried jWebUnit and ad a lot of problems with scripts. So I "downgrade" 
to HtmlUnit to found that the javascript handling seems to be much 
different from what a normal browser do.

One issue is that although an Ajax call would succeed in a normal 
browser, HtmlUnit reports an error in the onFailure handler. Either the 
Ajax call fails, or the failure handler is executed even if the call 
succeeds. Furthermore, HtmlUnit reports an error in the script although 
forcing the call to fail in a normal browser produces no error.

There is a similar problem with some scripts that are linked to the 
page. Although they are not executed on page load by a normal browser, 
HtmlUnit reports an error in them. The error is the same in both cases: 
null browser objects like navigator.userAgent or window.location

Another issue is that when an Ajax call succeeds (after removing the 
onFailure handler), the result that is received by HtmlUnit is not the 
same as in a normal browser, ie the response displayed through 
page.asXml() is completely different from what is displayed in the Ajax 
Debug Window. I can see that it is in fact a response to Wicket Ajax 
call, but the data is not correct. After the call, in a normal browser, 
the target components are updated. In HtmlUnit, they are not.

Has anyone experienced such issues? Do yo think these are HtmlUnit 
issues only and has nothing to do with Wicket? Do you know better 
solutions for testing Ajax Wicket apps?



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