I have tried to use the DatePicker component but somehow it doesn't
really work on Firefox 1.5 on linux. For instance, it only shows the
even years, and has strange behavior resetting fields.

Therefore, I want to write my own date component. Very simple, three
drop down choices for year, month, and day of month respectively. I am
now using a Panel component for this. The problem is here that the state
of my DateChooser is represented by three String fields for year, month,
and day of month, whereas my model is represented as a java.util.Date in
the IModel (PropertyModel).

Now, when I make sure that my DropDownChoice implementation has
wantOnSelectionChangedNotification() returning true, I get notified of
every change and in this callback I can set the model to the appropriate
date by using the three String field values as input. Problem is that if
the user doesn't change the date, then no date will be set. Furthermore,
a server round-trip is not necessary so I would like to get rid of this.

I would like to avoid server round trips, make sure the model is set on
submit of the form, and also I would like to use validation of the date
(the day of month could be out of range).  How would I solve this problem?


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