> Its exactly that. You have to have a lock on the monitor to call wait.
> When you start waiting you don't lock in anymore so others can take the lock
> and also see that they also have to wait and start waiting.
> Then the first thread that calls notifyAll() on the monitor lock (where the
> other 2 wait on)
> will wake them all up. But the first one that comes out of the wait takes
> the lock again
> so the second one first have to wait what the first one that did come out
> releases the lock again
> (by going out of the sync block or again in the wait)
> The InterruptedException is completely different thing. That is i guess the
> same kind of thing
> then object.notifyAll but on a thread that then goes with an exception. But
> as i said i haven't seen
> that happening yet. And i currently don't know of a usecase.

Got it. I don't know why I was thinking that notifyAll would result in
the exception. Sorry. I understand the code now, and unfortunately, I
can't really think of a nicer way to do this either.

Also, no explanation for the bug that Iman encounters :(


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