Are there any method to degrade the all the wicket AJAX
component to a normal request? It may be useful for debugging.

I am using jetty http server 5.0, wicket 1.2.2 and jetty launcher
to develop and test my project, but after I changed my java
source code, the server cannot updated until I restart the server.
The server can only update the html file I modified.

If I changed to use jetty 6.0 and run the project with
maven (I use datebinder 0.7 to set up my workspace),
the server can update the changes of my java classes, but
it cannot update the changes of the html files. Although I
setup the scanTargets


maven can detect the changes of my html files, but I
cannot update the html files until I restart the

I already tried these method:

IResourceFinder resfinder = this.getResourceSettings()
resfinder.find("C:\\Documents and Settings\\workspace\\project\\");

But the above problem still exists.

Thanks in advance,

Man Kam

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