> I'm having trouble with porting this code into wicket. For the first
> time when one clicks the "..." button, modal dialog comes up. For the
> following clicks, IE opens up both a new window and the modal dialog
> with the same contents.
> With FF it works as expected.
> I suspect, it has something to do with pagemaps or versioning, but how
> could I know, I'm new to wicket world. Please, help me.

Could you try with the latest Wicket version from branch wicket-1.x?
We just removed a redundant check for page maps that was a problem
with frames; that might be a problem here too.

> BTW, in order to make a different javascript code I copy-pasted entire
> content of PopupSettings and made a new getPopupSettings function. Is
> there other way around?

Kind of the same, but you don't have to copy the whole class if you
extend. This:

  PopupSettings popupSettings = new MyPopupSettings(PageMap.forName("popup")) {
    public String getPopupJavaScript() {
      // return your custom javascript here


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