Dear Johan,
What you said is correct. But I press refresh of the browser it does not
give page expired, instead it gets the original page from the Server. But
before getting it, it shows pages that is not even in the flow. Can we
relate it to browser caching directly and rationally? I have set the
CACHE-CONTROL to "no-cache" and EXPIRES to current date time. Let see what
comes the result, does the browser takes it and stops caching.

Thank you


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The strange thing is if you restart your server (without keeping sessions)
then when you hit refresh in the browser
it should give you a PageExpired page anyway. Because the page
shouldn't/can't be found..
when you some how also have another browser window and build up the session
there (generate the page again)
and then in another window you do a refresh. Then maybe you can get another
page then you saw first.


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