If we use Ctrl-F with firefox to search something
 inside the sourcecode viewer of the wicket examples
the "close" link will shift to the scroll bar, and
user cannot scroll it.

here are the screen capture:


After i cancel the search panel, the "close" link 
return to the original position. 

Apart form that, are there any example or explanation to 
use the |DefaultButtonImageResourceFactory| 

It is means that after we set the img or input tag with 
value="buttonFactory:save:Save". we will get the "Save" 
button image? But I don't know why it do not work for
my app. Seem that the buttonFactory have not been 
created yet.

Form the doc, I know that.


But I still not clear about the meaning of 

If I want to customize my buttonFactory, seem that
I need to use the


method to add my resourceFactory with its sharedImageName.

However, do I need to add the image resource
with sharedImageName?

Thanks a lot
Man Kam

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