Johan Compagner wrote:
> what would you poll the form for? (calling isVersioned()) from the
> form components isVersioned()?
> That is pretty much already done in that method.
So I don't need to wait until all components are added to the form to
call setVersioned(true)?
> i guess why we don't versioning formcomponents because it doesn't make
> much sense for the data (model) change.
> I guess the rest like visible it should work....
I don't understand this. I just ran into a practical situation where
versioning is needed. There is a form that has two lists inside it. One
for items added to a list (say shopping cart) and another for items to
choose (say products) (my actual case was different). The items in the
shopping card used SubmitLinks for removing them, and the products have
submit links for adding them to the cart. This case will fail with the
current default settings.

In my opinion consistency is everything. The fact that a form is not
versioned is really surprising. Why don't you just set versioning to
true by default, and leave setting it to false to the people who want to
do performance optimization and know that it is safe for their problem
to turn it off?

> johan

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