On 13.9.2006, at 17.58, Manuel Barzi wrote:

> But, what about that webapp - based on WebPage - to be integrated in a
> portlet by means of PortletPage?

> I mean, does PortletPage offer the same flexibility WebPage does? I
> guess we'll find some limitations, have to test yet, but all
> information learnt in advance might help.

PortletPage provides some features that WebPage does not have, for  
example different portlet modes (EDIT/VIEW/HELP), different window  
states (MINIMIZED/MAXIMIZED/NORMAL), but otherwise WebPage and  
PortletPage are basically the same. All the components developed to  
the WebPage work fine on PortletPage, so you can use WebPage for  
testing you code and for reusability panels are a good choice. There  
are some limitations, for example client properties are not  
available, and full header contribution is not possible (because the  
portlet spec does not support it).

> Following this doubt: will it be so easy to create the portlet from
> the webapp as translating from WebPage to PortletPage?

Yes. As long as you don't use the unsupported features mentioned  
above. And of course you can't use portlet specific stuff like window  
states in WebPage.

> And last, why doesn't PortletPage extends WebPage? Has it any sense,
> you tell me.

This is because WebPage is so tightly coupled with servlet stuff,  
WebSession, WebRequest and others, so it would have needed too much  
API breaks to be a sensible choice to do at 1.2. Also, it also made  
the API much clearer.


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