> Hi I am using datePicker the same way as it is shown in forminput example.
> but i need to position the bottom of popup at top edge of my textfield.
> i tried using
>  DatePickerSettings dps = new DatePickerSettings();
> dps.setAlign("T");
> add(new DatePicker("abc",New TextField("a",Date.class),dps))
> it gives be script error and datePicker becomes non-active , if i remove
> align setting then it works fine ..but it is align at the bottomof my page
> so it is not visible.
> pls. suggest how to position it.

Please take a look at jscalendar's documentation:
http://www.dynarch.com/projects/calendar/. Most of the settings are
simply pass throughs to the settings of this javascript component.


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