I tried to make the simplest test case for DatePicker. I just modified 
Helloworld.java in wicket examples:

   public HelloWorld()
     add(new Label("message", "Hello World!"));
     TextField dateField = new TextField("dateField", Date.class);
     add(new DatePicker("dateFieldPicker", dateField));


and Helloworld.html:

     <span wicket:id="mainNavigation"/>
     <span wicket:id="message" id="message">Message goes here</span>
   <br/>Date :&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type="text" 
wicket:id="dateField"/>&nbsp;<span wicket:id="dateFieldPicker"></span>


It works in FF but in IE6, it is completly broken. The first error is 
"Line 57, string not closed." It seems IE6 does not like UTF8 characters 
in scripts (French locale by default on french system?)


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