I have a situation where I use a domain object as the source for a dataprovider. So to get the list of items for the data provider I am actually querying the domain object like:


Since the manager is a persistent object, I need to refresh it from the database. In my application I have worked around it by providing a Detachable<T> interface that allows transparent retrieval of the object:

public interface Detachable<T> extends Serializable {
     * Detaches the object.
    void detach();
     * Gets the object, attaching it if needed.
     * @return
    T get();


Now, I have two implementations of this:
1. an inmemory version that doest not detach (it is inmemory)
2. a hibernate version that always fetches the object using   Session.load(). Effectively using the hibernate cache.

In both cases, I am not depending on wicket calling attach or detach. When I looked at how to use the wicket functionality, I found that IDataProvider does not have attach() and detach(). Shouldn't there be an IDetachableDataProvider interface as well with attach() and detach() so that I can also use this wicket attach/detach functionality in a data provider?

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