Hi, there,

I am working with I18N and I have an HTML INPUT that has its "value"
property to be updated to the current locale, but also has to react as
a link when clicking, by means of "onClick" property.

I do this in wicket-java-side:
labelModel = new StringResourceModel("CaocAdminPage-lit-8", this, null);
                add(new Button("CaocAdminPage-link-1", labelModel) {
                        public void onSubmit() {

And the html-side:
<input value="Veure / Editar" name="nou" class="buttonEditar"
wicket:id="CaocAdminPage-link-1" type="submit">

When testing the page it shows with the correct locale, but the LINK
DOESNT WORK - "onClick" overriden method does not make the button to
work as link. The html-output obtained does not provide the "onclick"
correctly filled up by Wicket, as show here:
<input value="Ver / Editar" type="submit" class="buttonEditar"
wicket:id="CaocAdminPage-link-1" name="CaocAdminPage-link-1">

I guess I should not use Button by some wicket-reason, then my question is:

to achieve this goal of providing an INPUT with I18N and "onClick"
(link capability), what would you recommend?



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