Put the bug on sourceforge, and place the simple test case there as well?


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> because in markup you have ajaxSaveButton but in java you have
> ajaxSubmitButton for id values.
That's not the point. This happened when I stripped down the real code for this 

> not sure this usecase will work period though _right now_. you see form
> components need to be children of the form. so you need to let your panel
> implement IAlternateParentProvider and redirect children to the form. the
> markup resolution of wicket:child and wicket:body is not working right now
> because it doesnt take into account that it is embedded. juergen and i are
> working on it, well - much more juergen then i since im just creating
> failing unit tests for him to look at right now.

> give it a try and see if it works, i have only tested borders that fail in
> this usecase not panels. keep as apprised and i will do the same.
With the correct id values in both html and jave it does not work. Is there a 
timeline for the fix you mentioned (juergen is workin on it as you wrote)? 
Perhaps I could produce a testcase for you? Where can I put this testcase?
Stefan Lindner


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