Thanks for pointing me to dict.get().... i am too stupid :-S

Regarding the tracking app: It's just my personal view... i don't like shipping 
an app with the widelands code when much code of it is potentially unused. 
'Potentially' because i didn't took a closer look into it, just made it work 
for Django 1.8.

I like your suggestion for the code change. But i am unsure about returning 
'None' if both entries didn't match (the previous code didn't caught this 
circumstance also). The question i am raising is: Since this function is used 
now for every request on a users ip, shouldn't it raise an error, or at least a 
'fake' ip if both entries didn't match?

I have searched the code and some models containing a 'GenericIPAddressField' 
haven't set the field option 'blank=True', which means 'could be empty'. I 
found it only in wlimages and threadedcomments. So all fields without this 
setting expects a valid ip. This is the reason why e.g. the admin page for pybb 
Posts doesn't allow to save a change when the ip field isn't set.

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