Review: Approve compile, revied, debug for coverage, testplay

I testplayed this now on a seafaring Map:
 * I was unable to reach the following lies of code:
  * BuildingStatisticsMenu::foreign_tribe_building_is_valid()
    if (descr.type() == MapObjectType::CONSTRUCTIONSITE ||
        descr.type() == MapObjectType::DISMANTLESITE) {
        return false;
    // I think this can never be reached I can not build a forign building
    // A dismantled site cannot be reached 
  *  BuildingStatisticsMenu::reset() 
     if (building_buttons_[current_building_type_] != nullptr) {
        set_current_building_type(current_building_type_); // no idea what this 
shall be
     } else {
 * I found that some missing soldiers Arrows where incorrect for a foreign 
military building.

 * I played on a lot of different resolutions

Despite these Issues this can go in:

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