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Fermi Energy


On 4/20/2015 8:36 AM, Fecher, Gerhard wrote:
The Fermi energy is by definition the energy of the highest occupied state at 0K
... and it is important !

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As far as I know, the zero of the Fermi Energy is not important, but once it is 
taken then all the energies of the calculation are relative to this value.
The Ecut value is relative to the ionization energy of the individual atoms.

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Hello, I have calculated the Fermi level
:FER  : F E R M I - ENERGY(TETRAH.M.)=   0.78830
Fermi level = 0,7883 Ry
Relative to what is taken to zero in the program?

And another question
When we write Ecut=-7.0
We cut the levels below -7.0 Ry relative to some zero.
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