Hi. I'm a college student interested in WIEN2k.
My WIEN2k's version is 14.2.
I've used this simulation for a month.
I have majored in electronic engineering. but sadly i am not good at solid state physics. To make matters worse, i'm not good at English too.
so, i really need your kind helps. there are some questions.

1) what is the main purpose(the targets) of this simulations??
what kinds of parameter did you use to get?
There are examples that i had gotten. -> Energy band gap, kind of material(semi-conductor and so on), direct or indirect bandgap semi-conductor.

2) Are there any other important parameters that i can extract from those SCF files? if so, please teach me.

3) Are there anyone who kindly be my pen-pal teacher or friend?
I have many questions about solid state physics. so i need a really kind teacher, friend majoring in physics and so on..,,

My e-mail address is jj2...@naver.com
thank you for reading.

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