Dear Laurence Marks:
     Thank you for your advise.  Does this mean I can not use this version of 
NCM to relax atom positions? 

Best wishes!

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I believe you have to use the older PORT method, I don't think the newest mixer 
is in the non-collinear code.

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On Jul 31, 2015 2:51 AM, "徐远骥" <> wrote:

Dear all:
      I use the no-collinear wien2k code to relax atom position.  As I usually 
do in the  collinear wien2k code(there is no problem in collinear code 
calculation),  I  change the  case.inm file switch parameter MSR1 to MSR1a. And 
when I run the program, I use option runncm -fc 1  -cc 0.0001 -ec 0.0001 .
     But after self-consistent cycle, the case.struct file is the same as I 
input. There is no change.  
     So I want to ask, how to  operation in correct way to relax the atom 

Best wishes! 

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