This Emin cutoff in case.indm is set by default to -12 Ry (or -9 Ry in
older wien2k versions) which is low enough such that all band states are
used for the calculation of the density matrix. For standard LDA+U
calculations Emin should not be changed.

F. Tran

On Wed, 26 Aug 2015, Paresh Chandra Rout wrote:

Dear all,I want to use LDA+U method for my system . I had gone through the  set 
up  procedure for LDA+U calculation in UG manual. But I did not understand 
how to set the  Emin cutoff energy in case.indm file and what does it mean for 
? Any help would be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards
Paresh Chandra Rout
Indian institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal
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