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Thank you very much for your prompt response. What I understood is
1. run init_lapw
2. add case inorb and case.indm files with format as (I have two magnetic ions Co)
================== case.inorb =====================
   31   0                     nmod, natorb, ipr
PRATT  1.0                    BROYD/PRATT, mixing
   1 1 2                       iatom nlorb, lorb
   2 1 2                       iatom nlorb, lorb
   8.                          Bext
   0. 0. 1.                    direction

================== case.indm =====================
-9.                      Emin cutoff energy
  1                        number of atoms for which density matrix is 
  1  1  2      index of 1st atom, number of L's, L1
  2  1  2      index of 1st atom, number of L's, L1
  0  0         r-index, (l,s)index
 3. use the command runsp_lapw -p  -orb -cc 0.0001 -ec 0.0001

Am I right?

I think your steps look fine, but your inorb and indm files look problematic. You have two iatom lines (natorb of 2) in case.inorb, but you only have natorb set for one iatom. This is likely why you are getting the error "forrtl: severe (59): list-directed I/O syntax error, unit 5, file /scratch/sajjadm/work/EFG/mfieldBaCoGeO/001B/001B.inorb". In case.indm, you have two "index of x atom" lines, but you have the "number of atoms" line set to 1 instead of 2.

It is also noted that the effect of 8 T might be very small [ ].

Can we apply B_ext at some angle say 32 degree with [100]?

You should be able to by adjusting the "direction of Bext in terms of lattice vectors" line in case.inorb.
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