Is $WIENROOT defined in the terminal (echo $WIENROOT)?

Does the symbolic link for w2web exist in $WIENROOT
and w2web script in $WIENROOT/SRC_w2web (ls -l $WIENROOT/w2web $WIENROOT/SRC_w2web/w2web)?

On 9/7/2015 4:17 AM, Naseem Hassan wrote:
Dear All,

Kindly help us understanding this strange problem. After working fine all of a sudden when we want to initiate wien2k via terminal using 'w2web' command then the terminal indicates that 'no command found'.

Wien2k is not installed as root. we tried w2web command with root as well as with individual user login but the outcome is same i.e., 'no command found'.

Many thanks for sparing your time.

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