On Wed, Sep 09, 2015 at 10:49:57AM +0200, pieper wrote:
> I took the freedomn to use your data to test a little fitting procedure  
> I just wrote. I tried to fit parameters a, b, c of the function
> y=a(x-b)**2+c
> to your data.
> The fit crashed - probably like the one you may have used - when  
> presented the data and asked to fit the parabola from scratch. The  
> reason for such a behaviour of a fit procedure frequently is bad user  
> behaviour: The program is quite understandably unable to guess  
> reasonable starting values for the fit parameters from such data.
> Presented with starting values
> a=1.000000e-06,   b=9.500000e+03,  c=-8.857000e+04
> the fit finds without complaining a very good fit with
> a=5.687893e-07,  b=9.612186e+03,  c=-8.856770e+04
> So you should do your DFT volume optimization around a volume of 9612 -  
> and probably give a little thought to the problem of why you started so  
> far off the optimum at larger volumes.


Martin description of your problem shows you perfectly what is happening.

May I indicate my practice in studying elastic properties and phase
transition problems?

If you know the equilibrium volume of your material (previous
calculations, experiments ...) try to use a +/- 10 or 15% for your
calculations. The contraction part is essential to determine bulk
modulus and high pressure properties. The expansion part approaches
linear behavior if the range is small enough.

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