>>             grep Id: SRC_w2w/{almgen.F,l2mmn.f,main.f}

Let me explain a little the command by Elias:

grep Id: SRC_w2w/{almgen.F,l2mmn.f,main.f}
     --- ---------------------------------
      1         1

1: text to find
2: set of files to explore. Three files in this case.

A even improved serach would be

grep -B 5 -A 5 Id: SRC_w2w/{almgen.F,l2mmn.f,main.f}

that provides 5 lines of context before and after the pattern that
it is searched for. If you don't know much about the routines Elias
advise is *a minimal*. A search with some context would provide some
more datail, useful to a programmer.

Notice that Elias command corresponds to a bash shell, probably.

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