Is it appropriate to consider how fast people walk in, for instance, Moscow
and Beirut and based upon this decide who is healthier?

As a PhD student should you really be asking this type of question on a
list? The answer is quite obvious!

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Albert Szent-Gyorgi
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> Dear WIEN2k users,
> In paper " S. Sarkar, M.D. Raychaudhry, I. Dasgupta and T. Saha-Dasgupta
> Phys. Rev. B 80, 201101 (R) (2009). " Ueff for Fe and Cr is 1.6 eV and
> 0.7 respectively for compound FeCr2S4. In another paper " K. Ramaswamy, H.
> Sims, R.K. Gupta, D. Kumar, W.H. Butler, A. Gupta, Chem. Mater.,
>" Ueff for Co and Cr is 3.5 eV and 2.5 eV for
> compound CoCr2S4. Ueff values are different for the Cr ion in FeCr2S4 and
> CoCr2S4 in the two papers. As the band gap depend on the Ueff values, is
> it correct to directly compare the DoS obtained for these compounds.
> Thanking you,
> S. Samant
> Ph.D. student
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