Almost certainly one or more of:
* Other jobs on the node
* Zombie process(es)
* Too many mpi
* Bad memory
* Full disc
* Too hot

If you have it use ganglia, if not ssh in and use top/ps or whatever SGI
has. If you cannot sudo get help from someone who can.
On Sep 18, 2015 8:58 PM, "Luis Ogando" <> wrote:

> Dear Wien2k community,
>    I am using Wien2k in a SGI cluster with 32 nodes. My calculation is
> running in 4 nodes that have the same characteristics and only my job is
> running in these 4 nodes.
>    I noticed that one of these 4 nodes is spending more than 20 times the
> time spent by the other 3 nodes in the run_lapw execution.
>    Could someone imagine a reason for this ? Any advice ?
>    All the best,
>             Luis
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