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where Prof. Blaha mentions that "x lapw2 -qtl -p" works differently from "x lapw2 -p". That "x lapw2 -p -qtl" will run only ONE job (on one processor), but it should use the parallel vector files (vector_1,...). I expect that this extends to the spin-polarized case (with -up and -dn).

On 9/19/2015 8:42 AM, Paresh Chandra Rout wrote:
Dear all,
I am facing a problem in parallelizing lapw2 part while running a DOS calculation interactively through job script as follows.
x lapw1 -up -p
x lapw1 -dn -p
x lapw2 -qtl -up -p
x lapw2 -qtl -dn -p
The* x lapw1 -up -p* was running through all nodes parallely. But*lapw2* is running in single node and with one processor like *lapw2c.* Am I missing any parameters for parallelization in dos calculation ? Any help would be highly appreciated .

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