You need to know GNUPLOT and csh syntax to do this.

However, wh not plotting the text files (case.epsilon, sigma, ...) with your favorite program. You can for instance transfer these files to windows, import them into excel and plot there, .....

Am 20.09.2015 um 08:15 schrieb Dr. K. C. Bhamu:
Dear Prof Blaha and users
I want to plot optical properties directly from terminal. I am getting
plot with a single column but I want to plot two/three column
simultaneously (E vs XX&ZZ together).
Is there any idea? I tried to change script of optic plot program but
could not succeeded.

     set optic = J          # for JOINT DOS
               = E          # for EPSILON
           = S          # for SIGMAK
           = I          # for SIGMA_INTRA

     set col = "2"          # which column to plot, more than one
                            # column can be given
     set xmin = -15         # with xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax you
     set xmax = 15          # can specify plotting ranges
     set print = "file"     # file to be used for plotting, or
                            # pipe directly to printer queue e.g. "|lpr"
     set noview             # set to skip preview and directly print

What I should I change in this script so that I get my desired columns
in a single plot?


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