Boy you are boring, 
No one knows what you did in particular, so how can anyone answer ?
and not everyone likes to work for you at Sunday

Do what Laurence suggested:       Why do you have in the first cycle of your 
attached file 496 electrons and later only 96 ? Did you check that ? 


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Betreff: [Wien] Problem in Gap value??(semiconductor not mettalic)

Dear Prof.Blaha & Tran & Laurence 

I'm calculating electronic band structure of KTiOPO4 & isostructural
crystals by using YSPBE0(with α opt. KTP crystals are semiconductors, But
my calculations show metallic.
According to these calculations the bottom of the conduction band crosses
the fermi level,The gap is located in Valance band.

You said to check case.in2. I  check the second  line of my case.in2:

  -15.50  496.00   0.50 0.05  1   EMIN, NE, ESEPERMIN, ESEPER0, iqtlsave

There  is a space before the second  number .

 A part of case.scf sent.

Why my calculations show metallic???
 please help me

Marzieh Ghoohestani
PhD Student of Computational Nano Physics
Nano Research Center, Department of Physics
University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran

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