Dear Prof. Blaha and Wien2k users,

   I am using wien2k version WIEN2K_14.1 (Release 8/9/2014) for calculating
XMCD of O-K edge of a simple bulk CoO.
I found after plotting XMCD spectra that it does not show Photon energy
range ~ 500 eV which should be for O K edge. However I am getting very
small energy range ~5-20 eV. When I calculated for Co L23 edge I did get
photon energy of the ~ 770 eV which should be.
Is there anything special changes have to made for K edge spectra?

I would like to request if anybody can tell me what is the probable reason
for this discrepancy.

Thanking you ,

Santu Baidya
University of Duisburg
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