Clearly your solution is    fold2bloch.

If you don't like the plot, you have to modify this part yourself and make a different plot, but fold2bloch captures all the relevant physics which happens due to doping. Doping may lead to a "broadening" of bands when you introduce alloying (and represent it in the original BZ).

Otherwise you have to write your own code, but the basis will always be like fold2bloch (check their paper for some deeper understanding about "Bloch functions" and folding ....)

On 10/01/2015 10:54 AM, Youngboem Cho wrote:
Hi. I can solve many technical problems by all your helps. Thank you
very much..!
Now new problem emerged in front of me.
Very simple problem but unfortunately, it's too hard to solve for me.

"How can I unfold the band structure made in 2x2x2 or some structure by
'supercell'? (without fold2bloch)"

I guess that this folded band is caused by shortened reciprocal vectors.
For example, Ge's minimum conduction band's energy is located at L-valley.
but after I made it be 2x2x2 structure, lattice parameter is doubled
that it makes reciprocal vectors 1/2 shortened.
so when I calculate and see the 2x2x2 Ge's band structure, it look weird.
(Actually Ge's minimum conduction band's energy is located at L-valley
but this 2x2x2 shows me
weired location; Gamma-valley is the lowest conduction band energy!)
(I think maybe it misunderstood the true L-point. it just calculate
until L-point*1/2 and then finished. am I right?)

1) So I doubled the 'm' in (m*kx m*ky m*kz)
but this made the band structure just folded.
2) I used 'Fold2bloch'. but this doesn't seems beautiful for me
(I want to make 2x2x2's band structure just like 1x1x1's band structure.)

All this efforts are for alloy's band structures.
It seems to need use 'supercell' For under 1% of alloy. so I have to
solve this problem.

Is there any good suggestion?

thank you for reading!

                                                            - Sincerely
Youngboem Cho

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